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One week later (from Carmina’s event) and we have Barry Lyga! Pure insanity running around at the SPRING YOUNG AUTHOR SERIES headquarters!!

Remember to have a great STAR Test on Wednesday and to cool down come and see Barry speak about his new book I HUNT KILLERS on sale now whereever books are sold! He’s a really great (and funny) guy and you won’t want to miss him!

Remember, anthology submission deadline is coming up! Please keep working on your stories and get them to us ASAP!! Otherwise, this anthology will NOT come together and we really want it to.

Recap: Barry Lyga, I HUNT KILLERS, STAR test, anthology submissions, and enjoy the sunshine! It looks like it is starting to peak out of the clouds!

New Look!!

Hey ya’ll!

Check out the new design of the Tumblr! It’s funky, it’s fresh, and fantastic like Friday!!

Like us and tell your friends to like us!

BTWubs, how are your stories/poems/art/photographs coming along? Remember that the first drafts are due around March 9th!


Hey there, tumblr person! Are YOU on Facebook? Well if you are then you should go to the official Spring Young Author Series page!

All you have to do is: log onto FB, go the search bar, start to type our name (Spring Young Author Series) and then ‘LIKE’ us! It’s as easy as breathing air!